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Property Accounting

It' Not Just for Schools Anymore!

In 1965, School Planning required a school system to prepare a publication entitled
"A System of Property Accounting for all North Carolina Public Schools". This
booklet required a simple site plan, building plans for each school
including acreage, dates of construction, type of construction and square
footage. This information was to provide local administrative units with
basic information on their physical plant and to provide DPI staff with
information necessary to assist the local administrative with planning. 

Although this is not required anymore, many school systems find this tool to be invaluable.
To plan for future and maintain existing campuses, we continue keep updated Property
Accounting Booklets for school systems. In addition, more and more clients
who manage different locations with multiple buildings find this helpful to
maintain and track all their properties, it's not just for schools anymore.

Property Accounting documents can include any or all of the following
(adjusted to client's needs).

1. Map with building locations.

2. Schedule of all buildings: (for schools this including grades and number of 
students,) building type and purpose, addresses and phone numbers.

3. Building information for each building: type of heat, type of
cooling, gross square feet, and number of modular buildings.

4. Site of information for each building: water source, sewage
disposal, utility company information and acreage. 

5. A schedule of Support Facilities Supplement: (administrative
offices, theatres, amphitheaters, stadiums, maintenance shop, bus garages,
etc.) The schedule may include addresses, phone numbers, building square
feet, and building information.

6. Site plan for each building/campus: years built, including
additions, ball fields and other site conditions/parking and modular

7. Floor plans for each school building: including room names and
numbers, modular buildings.

8. Any other information you would like included on the documents.

We find the maintenance department has a great appreciation of the property
accounting booklet and it is very helpful with all aspects of keeping up
with the county wide school system buildings as well as coordination and
communicating with the Finance and Planning departments.